Web Development

We are known for developing complex, database driven and bug free websites and SaaS based websites. Our passionate team and expert web developers create highly reliable websites to satisfy your business requirements. We cater for clients on a global, as well as local, level.

Software Engineering Services

Prima Corporation  has a dedicated group specializing in providing productivity tools for work group collaboration, which also handles software projects for small and medium scale enterprises.  

Our Work group productivity software suite SmartWorks consists of software applications which can help you plan and track your projects, Manage meetings and Track various issues to it's closures. SmartWorks is affordably priced and uses TCP/IP based client server architecture at its core. SmartWorks server runs on all the windowing platforms (Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME). Efforts are on to make Smartworks available on other platforms as well. 

We also offer services which includes

  • Developing client / server applications to run on Windows / Linux
  • Develop / Test Internet based applications
  • Test suite development for applications and network protocols
  • Developing Networking tools for the enterprises
  • Verification & Validation of Enterprise applications
  • Software maintenance of enterprise applications


Prima Corporation combines deep industry knowledge, technical know-how and unsurpassed delivery capabilities to drive breakthrough results. We can help your business leverage SAP in areas such as analytics, cloud, and mobility to deliver value and innovation.
Business innovation and transformation are critical to many companies. SAP is radically changing the service delivery model to ensure customer success in business innovation while achieving value and efficiency. Gain these potential benefits by using Prima Corporation’s SAP implementation services:

  • Accelerated implementation time – get up and running in just a few weeks
  • Reduced implementation costs with a mix of onsite and virtual resource delivery
  • Improved delivery efficiency with pre-assembled and pre-engineered components
  • Higher, more consistent delivery quality via process templates, tools, and accelerators
  • Faster adoption of the latest innovative solutions and technologies

r business leverage SAP in areas such as analytics, cloud, and mobility to deliver value and innovation.
Global organizations with SAP as their business platform, when setting up operations in new country, would require their SAP system to be extended to cover local operations. This calls for an in-depth understanding of local systems, particularly those relating to business practices relevant to that specific country, their interface with global systems, local taxation requirements etc, implementing the system and leading the organization through change.
Local tax laws come with their own set of complexities and nuances. Hence, specialized knowledge and expertise is needed in the understanding, interpretation and configuration of these into the SAP system that blends well with the global operations of the enterprise. Prima Corporation offers its specialized services in implementing a flaw-less roll-out.

  • Understand the business processes and maps them to the Local taxation system
  • Develop an implementation roadmap that integrates the local operations including taxation & legal compliance with the global operations
  • Implement the solution
  • Provide training and makes the end users adapt to the global practices while adhering to the local taxation and legal practices
  • Lead the enterprise through the change process and helps speedy stabilization

Upgrade & Migration
SAP Upgrade and Migration Services ensure a fast, smooth process, minimizing risk and downtime while helping you maximize business benefits. Our consultants work in close partnership with you and manage all aspects of the SAP system upgrades and migration from planning through functional development activities to go-live and support.

Our SAP Upgrade and Migration capabilities include

  • Full deployment of a production-ready application environment, including support for development efforts (reports, interfaces, data conversions, application enhancements, etc.) and testing of core business processes and system transactions
  • Migration of SAP application landscape to a new environment
  • Side-by-side comparison of performance in legacy and new database
  • Organizational change management and end user product migration tools and training
  • Design, build and deployment of industry-specific solutions and third-party packages.
  • Management of system cutover and rollout, and post launch support


  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • MRP System (Decision Support)
  • Operations Management system
  • Dealers Network Management
  • Home Manager (A Soft manager for Your Home affairs)